Business Services

Fischer Investigations will assist companies and conduct an investigation with issues of theft of product, time, equipment, intellectual property, capital, client accounts, or who are fraudulently collecting workers compensation.

The removal of any existing problems in the work place and the avoidance of future ones is what Fischer Investigations does best. We specialize in guarding corporate assets and conducting screening of both individuals and businesses before our clients are victimized.

Employee theft, theft of time, fraud, misconduct, accidents and absenteeism cost corporations billions of dollars each year. At Fischer Investigations, we provide our corporate clients with investigations including surveillance, undercover investigations, interviews, pre-employment screening and more that get them the proof needed to release the employee and/or to provide the evidence to law enforcement to seek prosecution. In addition, we will document our findings to support litigation to recover the loss.

A sample of our services provided to our corporate clients includes the following:

  • Workplace Surveillance
  • Undercover Investigations
  • Workers Compensation Claims
  • Theft Investigations
  • Accident Investigations
  • Alcohol / Drug Use
  • Absenteeism & Theft of Time Investigations
  • Asset Protection & Loss Prevention
  • Due Diligence Investigations
  • Insurance Claims Investigations
  • Driving & Criminal Records
  • Termination Assistance
  • Non-Compete Contracts
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Collection Assistance
  • Customer & Supplier Screening
  • Pre Employment Screening
  • Patent Trademark Counterfeiting
  • Electronic Eavesdropping Detection