Attorney Services

Fischer Investigations can provide cost efficient investigative services to the legal community which will assist Attorneys in providing the best and most comprehensive representation possible to their clients. Read More »

Business Services

We specialize in guarding corporate assets and conducting screening of both individuals and businesses before our clients are victimized. Read More »

Government Services

Fischer Investigations provides investigative services to local Government Agencies in areas such as workers compensation claims, pre-employment screening, educational residency concerns or matters involving theft of time. Read More »


Insurance Claim Services

Our insurance investigators possess a vast amount of experience and have conducted hundreds of successful insurance claims investigations. Read More »


Pre-employment / Volunteer Screening

Does your organization have a convicted criminal or registered sex offender within its workforce or volunteers? Statistically, as many as one in ten individuals applying for a position can have a criminal record. Read More »



Fischer Investigations regularly conducts surveillance to observe and document activities or associations of individuals as they occur. Read More »


Criminal Defense Investigations

Fischer Investigations works closely with criminal defense attorneys for defense preparation of State and Federal misdemeanor or felony criminal cases. Read More »


Background / Asset Investigations

Background investigations are conducted to establish the subject's true identity, social security number, residence address, business ownership and interests, or other income sources. Read More »


Process Service

We specialize in difficult process service, from hard to find to those who don't want to be found, for civil and criminal matters throughout the entire State of Connecticut. Read More »


Locate Investigations

Our agency locates individuals for a variety of reasons. We locate: witnesses relevant to civil & criminal investigations; missing family members or long lost friends for individuals; insured clients for insurance companies; individuals who owe a debt, classmates, etc. Read More »


Records Retreival / Research

Fischer Investigations provides records research & retrieval services in all Connecticut counties. We will locate, review, summarize and/or copy selected cases and information. Read More »


Infidelity / Child Custody Investigations

We understand how sensitive these investigations are to those involved and it is our goal to provide our clients with answers and facts to the questions they have. Read More »