Fischer Investigations regularly conducts surveillance to observe and document activities or associations of individuals as they occur. Surveillance may be fixed or mobile, vehicular, pedestrian or waterborne. All actions will be documented utilizing video cameras, hidden cameras, still camera photography or night vision devices. All surveillances conducted are accompanied by a detailed report of all activities and information that is observed during the course of the investigation along with video documentation. Should the case result in litigation, we are prepared to support the investigation with a court appearance where we offer video demonstrations of our observations and findings.

Let our experience and know-how work for you!

Virtually every private investigator claims to handle surveillance investigations. Many of these "surveillance" investigators may have worked surveillance investigations on occasion in the past, but hardly qualify as experienced professionals. Our Investigators have conducted several hundred successful surveillances including but not limited to insurance claims, workers' compensation claims, residency investigations, domestic/child custody investigations and company theft of time surveillances. Our experienced surveillance investigators are able to rely on their experience and knowledge which enables them to obtain photographic evidence that you need.

Fischer Investigations documents every movement of a claimant's or subject's activity whether it's a worker's compensation claim, a disability fraud matter or a liability case. Our skilled investigators can provide unbiased video or photography that clearly shows when the claimant is exaggerating or falsifying the existence and extent of an injury or if he/she is legitimately injured.